Wednesday 3 August 2016

Microsoft Office 365 Migrate Your Data to Canada Before October 31 2016!

Back in May, Microsoft announced general availability for its new datacenter region in Canada, giving us Canadians a locally hosted and supported datacenter for all of their amazing cloud products.

They are now reminding everyone that if you need/want your data migrated from their other regions to Canada your deadline is October 31st.

From an email from Microsoft:

Customers with data residency requirements who would like to have their core customer data moved to the Canada datacenter region, will need to request a move before October 31, 2016. Data moves will complete within 24 months after the enrollment period. 

If you have regulatory requirements or are concerned about having your data stored in the US or other regions, now is the time to start booking that data migration!

More info here:

Want to know where your current resources are?

Probably the simplest way to check is to log in to your azure portal:

Navigate the left menu and check your "resource groups":

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